Linda B. - 2024-02-09
I just started taking this, so I don't have much feedback, except the customer service is good, and the shipping was quick. The science looks promising for this product, and I am hopeful it will work as promised.
Chris C. - 2024-02-08
I’m not sure which product it is or it’s all 3 I’m now taking. (Focus and NAD+ and senolytic) but I’ve got so much more energy and focus and just want to get sh*t done! I love it. And will stick with it for as long as my poor budget allows. I’d love to try the night formula as I can’t stay asleep after 3hrs.
Robyn K. - 2024-02-08
I started using Qualia Mind to help me maintain focus while I complete my Master's Thesis. I was completely free of brain fog with in 2 days!
William T. - 2024-02-08
Excellent product
Michael B. - 2024-02-08
I am still waiting to get into the habit of taking this, but overall the supplement raises your overall attention to detail, focus and energy.
Philipp M. - 2024-02-05
Very good customer service. Honest feedback and quick response! Would immediately order again… Best
Nicholas M. - 2024-02-03
Highly recommend. Feel better already
Jennifer H. - 2024-02-03
I go through periods where I have a REALLY hard time staying focused at work and in my line of business, it is necessary. Qualia Focus is the ONE thing that I have found that actually works and on the first dose! I was very pleasantly surprised because I have tried other things and they never seem to. It does have caffeine in it for those who are sensitive (I am not) but I will say that it is a very balanced focus. I don't feel like I've taken anything, but my concentration is 100x better. Th...Read more.
Benjamin R. - 2024-02-02
Amazing products and results
Carole G. - 2024-02-02
I could feel the difference in my energy in the first boxe of supplement that I took. It is an amazing product!
Jonathan M. - 2024-02-02
I’ve tried most of the major stacks and this is the only one where the ingredients are fully dosed.
Jeff B. - 2024-02-01
Starting to feel the difference into my 2nd month
Kris T. - 2024-02-01
I just received my order and am excited to experience the benefits!
Majo O. - 2024-02-01
I feel more in control, focused and confident. I was having a lot of trouble balancing work and my masters program. I feel way better now. I don’t know if it’s only Qualia, because I did other things to reduce stress. But since I started taking this supplement I feel more productive, sharp and happy.
Analeah L. - 2024-01-31
Brain Chemistry Homeostasis Wizard!
Paula Kay R. - 2024-01-31
I am new and just received my first shipment and can’t wait to kill off all the zombie cells!!
Mariesa B. - 2024-01-30
Can tell right away a change in energy! Feel more focused and daily exercise performance is enhanced.
Scott R. - 2024-01-30
I’ve been taking Senolytic for two months now and I’m not exactly sure how to describe how this makes me feel, except by using the word youthful. It’s hard to think I’ll ever stop taking it now that I’ve started and I’m curious how I will feel at the three and six month mark. Definitely worth trying this product to rediscover the physical feeling of youthfulness.
Daniel M. - 2024-01-30
Great Nad+ Supplement. Great Value for results.
Heather F. - 2024-01-29
works well for me!
Tabitha M. - 2024-01-29
The First serving improved my mood and energy. Zero crash nor any type of withdrawal. I absolutely love Qualia Mind effect on my wellbeing. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on other neutropics & supplements and this product is superior.
JaniceEllen P. - 2024-01-28
Thank you!
Marlene S. - 2024-01-27
I’ve been dealing with insomnia and waking up in middle of the night for two years. I still do but Night gets me back to sleep again easily. I take sups at night and drinking water which is the problem situation I must work on, and getting in bed earlier, breaking this bad habit. Night helps me get back into sleep with no drowsy morning hangover.
Marlene S. - 2024-01-27
This is 2nd month using Senolytic. I thought the greatest body feeling after the first use might just be a fluke, or a placebo effect, but within a day again my two hip replacement areas really feel clear is the only way i can describe it. I’m very pleased to use Synolytic monthly. Although to tell the truth, I’m an older lady and going to jump the gun and likely use it every three weeks. HAZAH!
Karine S. - 2024-01-27
I drive for a living and this has changed my life. Also I feel like my brain is for sure working better. I love it.