Qualia Mind Energy Shot Reviews

Linda A. - 2024-01-07
My husband and I love having this on hand. It is a treat for our grind times of year for extra support. I like to buy for Christmas and our birthdays and any special work obligations.
sarah d. - 2023-08-10
Charlie C. - 2023-08-10
I work night shifts and without a cup of coffee it’s always hard for me to stay awake during the bewitching hour. With qualia energy shots, i don’t need coffee anymore. I can stay awake during my shifts and i feel i have more energy than before.
Elaine K. - 2023-07-12
This product has helped me stand by my daughter when her husband is waiting for results of Mayo evaluation on stage 3 kidney failure.
Sam R. - 2023-03-21
Qualia Mind (w/ caffeine) is a fantastic product that really provides focus and clarity w/o jitters or comedown.
Michael S. - 2023-01-10
Pairing this up with Qualia Mind had me feeling me like Rain man, Truly an undefeated combo. Taste is not the best but the effects are excellent and lasting.
Daniel M. - 2022-07-29
Effective and long lasting. Does what it says!
Graham W. - 2022-05-27
Definitely perks me up. Flavors not that great, but it is what it is.
J B. - 2022-01-07
Absolutely love this! I take it with Lions Mane and the combination is a game changer
Mary B. - 2021-12-20
Nootropic Energy gives me the focus alertness the drive that I need to think to perform at the highest level! As before I tried the Nootropic Energy my energy level was low even with taking other supplements for energy
Dennis S. - 2021-12-02
I had a few projects I had to tackle last weekend. The Qualia Nootropic Energy drinks got me through the grind and I felt a great sense of peace and well being.
Weston K. - 2021-10-22
Been taking for 6 months now and truly is amazing
Josh R. - 2021-10-11
The best way I can describe it is that it gives me the energetic lift of a cup of coffee with no jitters or noticeable caffeine come down.  I am flying through my to-do list and working out without feeling like it is a chore.
colin s. - 2021-08-20
These products are great; not only do they provide long-lasting energy without dehydration or jitters, im still able to exercise and practice breath holds, with no crash afterwards. I LOVE coffee, but I can't workout or go diving after drinking coffee, and with these I can no problem.
Doug W. - 2021-08-04
I love this stuff. I'm clear headed, sharp, quick and motivated but not in the fleeting way an energy drink or coffee will accomplish this. From this Qualia offering, I feel as I imagine one is supposed to feel when properly rested and with a dialed in nutritional and exercise regiment.
Ryan M. - 2021-07-14
the quail nootropic energy shots allow me to start my day right after waking up, and with my schedule, i don't have time to pidder patter. these energy shots changed my mornings forever
Branden T. - 2021-06-25
Not too much, not too little, but just the right amount of focus and energy boost for any task one might need a little help through 👌🏻
Matthew K. - 2021-03-02
By far and away the best nootropic I have ever had. Beats everything by some distance. I have had both the energy shot and the mind and for my next order I have added the whole stack (immune & sleep). I am a banker for a living and have tried a lot of different things to help my mind stay sharp. The mind gives you intense focus and the drive to do the things on your list. I feel like I am calm yet clear as I work through my day and even when talking my vocabulary is more diverse and sent...Read more.
Carl M. - 2021-02-22
Used in early afternoon to combat fatigue. Worked well with no discernible negative side effects or crash.
Dakota L. - 2021-02-21
First day I took a nap in the afternoon for the first time in years. I felt calm focused and peaceful. It was unexpected but i enjoy’d it. The 2nd-5th day went as follows id take the energy in am 2-3 hours of get stuff done focus and energy no jitters (I always took it after breakfast) then id be more interested in my work than usual the rest of the day and probably 30% increase in efficiency and production. I also slept well.
Evan M. - 2021-02-20
Great boost in energy and cognition without any noticeable side effects
Brad B. - 2021-02-19
Convenient alternative to coffee without the jitters.
Doug W. - 2021-02-14
This is a good product, it is just not for me. The strength of the product is too high for me. It seems to be designed as an energy supplement. I can't do energy drinks at all. The nootropic would be strong enough without the caffeine. It is great for workouts and other things requiring physical movement.
Jorge P. - 2021-02-13
It was the perfect amount of energy to focus on mental and physical tasks. No crash afterwards. I loved it.
Robert K. - 2021-02-12
It definitely helped lift my brain fog and provide energy for the entire day. My wife noticed that I had not yawned, which is something she sees me do often. The flavor could use some work, but I am not sure anything can be done about that.