Mitochondrial Health - Dr. Molly Maloof - Biohacking

Mitochondrial Health - Dr. Molly Maloof - Biohacking

Inside of all of us, there is a spark, and without it, you could not live. This energy creation isn’t mystical, nor is it spiritual; it’s science.

Today, we are delving into the fascinating world of our mitochondria, the power source of our cells with guest, Dr. Molly Maloof, lecturer at Stanford University, Founder/CEO of Adamo Bioscience, and author of "The Spark Factor." 

Dr. Molly explains that the spark is the vital force that powers the body with electricity, and it comes from the mitochondria, which are like batteries in the body. She emphasizes the importance of energy flow and connections in our lives, as well as the impact of stress on our energy levels and shares her personal journey of struggling with health issues and burnout, and how she found healing through lifestyle changes and building a trusted network of connections. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why humanity is in the middle of an energy crisis
  • How stress impacts on our energy levels 
  • Defining the unsafety theory of stress
  • The role of adverse childhood experiences and the need for self-love in maintaining energy and overall well-being
  • Activities that are scientifically proven to recharge our batteries
There's a spark of life inside each of your cells that powers your body with electricity. - Dr. Molly Maloof

When we become aware of our physical needs, we can give ourselves the resources to become more connected, nourished, safe, and strong—at both the micro- and the macro-level. Here’s to an optimized you! Listen now. 

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