Neuroscience - Dr. Andrew Huberman and Brian MacKenzie - Mind States

Neuroscience - Dr. Andrew Huberman and Brian MacKenzie - Mind States

The growing understanding of how vision and breathing directly affect the brain—rather than the more generic categories of the mind and emotions is a topic that we find fascinating. And today, in this special encore release from the Collective Insights vault, Dr. Andrew Huberman, professor of neuroscience at Stanford, and Brian MacKenzie, renowned coach and innovator in health and fitness, joined Daniel Schmachtenberger to discuss the neuroscience of vision and breathing to shift out of fear based states. It was such a powerful conversation that we are bringing it back for your listening pleasure. 

We explore the power of breathwork in making choices between reacting out of fear or responding thoughtfully. We delve into how improving our ability to handle carbon dioxide (CO2) and use oxygen efficiently plays a key role in our overall well-being. Customized approaches for managing stress, boosting energy, and aiding recovery are discussed, providing practical tools to navigate various situations. And much, much more.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The neural basis of visually evoked fear 
  • Science-backed protocols for evaluating fear
  • How to consciously change vision and breathing to affect sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system dynamics
  • The relationship between heart rate variability, breathwork, and our body's relaxation response
  • Why panoramic gazing or optic flow is a secret weapon to combating stress and anxiety
  • Why and how to measure CO2 tolerance
  • Actionable steps for incorporating breathwork and vision practices into daily routines
  • The link between confidence and state control
  • How to anchor ourselves in the present through quality sleep
I would define a really powerful human being as somebody that can control their state very well. - Dr. Andrew Huberman

Brian MacKenzie put it so well when he said during the discussion, “There's stimulus and there's response but in between is choice.” Listen for breath and vision protocols to consciously override fear in real time, giving you the power to shape both your physiology and psychology, objectively and subjectively. 

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